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About SEO

Takaoka city in Toyama Prefecture is a hub for craftsmanship that Kaga clan established in 1609 CE and it has continued to make metal products, majority by casting. It is here, where manufacturing is engraved deeply in its history, SEO Inc. was founded in 1935 and began manufacturing a variety of products using press technology that was new at the time.
Our beginning was founded upon incorporating innovative technology and making new things that were not available in the past, right here in this location.
Keeping that spirit intact, we uphold our corporate philosophy, “Transform the daily lives of all for the better by creating new values through making of things”, and we endeavor to become a company that can accomplish this vision.

SEO Inc.

Corporate Information

Company Name SEO Inc.
Location/Address 40-5 Toide Sakaemachi, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
Founded 1935
Capital 10 Million Yen (Approx. USD$90K)
CEO Ryosuke Seo
Phone Number 0766-63-5000
Factory Size 6,600㎡
Business Overview Manufacturing and Sales of various metal products
WEB https://seo-mill.com
E-mail Address info@seo-mill.com


  • 40-5 Toide Sakaemachi, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Post Code 939-1118