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In Takaoka City of Toyama Prefecture, where metal processing has taken root since 400 years ago, SEO Inc. has been making various metal products since its founding in 1935.
Currently, we have two brands in business and continue to create new products while adhering to each brand concepts.


Our “Sotto” brand has a theme to deliver “A style of praying that embraces our modern lives”. In Japan, we have a culture of having a small temple called “Butsudan”, an altar, in our homes to worship the deceased. The practice of having the Butsudan in our homes dates to the Edo period (1603-1868CE).
From that period, Japanese architecture has included a space called “Butsuma” for putting our hands together for prayers as part of our daily lives. However, as the modern setting has transformed, this space has been eliminated and increasing number of homes no longer have Buddhist altars.
Although the traditional style of worshipping with a conventional Buddhist altar does not fit into our modern lives anymore, it does not change the fact that many of us want to create a place to mourn for the loss of our dear ones.
When placing it in our living rooms where families come together, or in a small space of quiet bedrooms, it provides an intimate space to reflect upon our lost dear ones without feeling out of place: This is the concept of Sotto.


Rain chain is a highly stylized form of rain spout that originated in Japan. As a building material to express the ambiance and emotions of Japan’s four seasons, it has been used on Buddhist temples, Shinto Shrines or traditional Japanese architectures since long time ago. Our company has been making rain chains for a long time, but with the ever-increasing variety in residential homes, the truly traditional Japanese rain chains have been losing its purpose. However, with our belief that it could be applicable for various purposes in our modern lives, having an important function to drain rain water while been highly stylized, our concept is to create rain chains that could be integrated into modern architectures.
Under our motto to “Make rain water a part of the landscape”, we will continue to re-design traditional Japanese architectural styles and create products that will synthesize with our modern lives.